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August 07, 2017

Cancer: Technology Fights Back

Cancer is not just a disease – it is actually a group of diseases that cause morbid growth of cells and spread to other parts of the body rapidly. A deadly disease that has always been a fear in the back of people’s minds, there is no definite cure for cancer, as of yet. One often senses a feeling of helplessness when suffering from cancer due to the limited treatment available for it. This is exactly why researchers have been eager to detect this monstrous ailment in its initial stages. It is not always possible to detect the disease in its early stage since the detection and treatment of cancer is still under research. However, thanks to technological advancements, we have been able to make progress in this field. These days, there are quite a few methods that help one fight cancer more effectively.

A few of them have been discussed below.

Fingerprint of Cancer Gene

The malignancy of different cancers naturally differs, but there is no 100 percent correlation of that with the rates of survival. Prostate cancer patients, for instance, are likely to survive for a longer time than those having a malignant mesothelioma. However, prostate cancer can have variations in regard to lethalness. Through inspection of the tumour (the mutated genome), a lot of things can be figured out. This includes knowing if the cancer may react differently to a type of chemotherapy or if it does not react appropriately to the immediate treatment(s). Being aware of such specifications regarding subtypes of cancer implies being able to directly start a treatment that could potentially cure the patient.

Breast Cancer Risk Detection

Breast cancer is one of those ailments that go undetected for a long time. To combat this issue, there have been tests introduced for this very cause. These tests couple the pre-existing risks factors with the genetic factors to realize how prone one is to breast cancer. Genetic indicators are used to detect the potential risk of acquiring breast cancer. Further on, your specialist will provide you with a health plan to check on your breast health.

Pain Reduction in Cancer

The varied treatments required for cancer can be very intensive, causing intense and chronic pain. Cancer patients have perpetually been prescribed to a high amount of painkillers. However, work is now ongoing to formulate configurations that can help the patients deal with the side effects of cancer treatment. Some devices have been known to successfully manage bouts of chronic ache and can be used by the individual during sleep as well.

Streamlined Cancer Treatment

The persisting problem with cancer treatment is that, when killing the tumour, the healthy cells are not left intact. Developments in the field of cancer research have allowed for the formulation of drugs that can detect a flaw in the sporadic spread of cancer. In leukaemia, for instance, it has been seen that the development is determined by BTK. The consequent drug formulated blocks this BTK protein.

These are some of the cancer treatments that have been formulated, courtesy of the advancement of technology. Thanks to these advances, the vicious disease that is cancer can be mitigated and controlled to quite an extent, making life easier for cancer patients all over the world.

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