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May 24, 2017

Nutrition Made Easy with Technology

Thanks to the influx of technology in the healthcare domain, the world has become increasingly aware of the significance of a balanced diet and nutrition. Technology has enabled individuals to take charge of their health in a convenient, efficient and personalized manner.

In this article, we will discuss how technology is making diet and nutrition management more convenient for ordinary users.

Efficient Diagnostics

Malnutrition, the deficiency of one or more vital nutrients in an individual, often goes undiagnosed unless the body acquires a disease or syndrome in its aftermath. Undernutrition in kids affects their development and growth, and in adults it decelerates or alters the function of hormones and causes oxidative stress and aging.

Nutrient deficiency can only be identified through periodic medical checkups. However, since accessibility to healthcare facilities is a challenging issue in remote areas and developing countries, undernutrition lurks inside the body and sprouts up in the form of an ailment. The evolution of smart healthcare technology has made it convenient for people to stay in a constant loop with doctors and physicians.

Technology has enabled individuals to stay informed on their health status, observe signs and symptoms and regulate their nutrient requirement by staying in the loop with health practitioners.

Smart Nutrition Counseling

Smart healthcare technology such as Web portals and mobile phone applications have made it convenient for people to seek instant and personalized nutrition counseling and expert advice anytime they want.

By simply installing a smartphone application or logging into their account, they can browse through hundreds of categories to find instant information about their diet, nutrition or healthcare.

Instant Access to Diet Plans

You no longer have to reserve an appointment with a dietician, visit them in person, have a long course of discussion over your health status and then seek a diet plan designed by the healthcare practitioner to cope with your nutrient need and deficiency.

There are hundreds of smartphone applications that automatically devise diet courses and nutrition plans, tailored to your specific body needs. This way, it becomes convenient for you to be in charge of your health and maintain your body in a fit and healthy equilibrium.

Smart Tracking and Evaluation

Smart fitness devices and phone applications have emerged as an efficient tool to keep track of their diets, metabolic reactions and their effect on your health.

Aside from that, smart health and nutrition technology has enabled people to measure the intake of overall calories as well as the total energy expenditure and assess the difference for more efficient management.

Promoting Local Farmers and Suppliers

Healthcare applications, websites portals, and even social media have made it convenient for local farmers to extend their outreach and sell organic and farm-fresh products to an extensive audience niche.

Similarly, the individuals looking for pure and organic products for their diet and nutrition can conveniently get access to hundreds of regional-based farmers, sellers and manufacturers from the convenience of their home and get it delivered to their doorstep without having to go to the market to buy some overpriced and preserved imported organic products.

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