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February 05, 2016

ITEXPO Selects Ceeable as IDEA Showcase Finalist

ITEXPO took place in the last week of January. It featured a special contest called the IDEA Showcase in which eight startups were selected to display their innovative ideas to a panel of judges. Ceeable, the developer of a new cloud-based platform that tests for retinal diseases, emerged as one of the finalists.

Titled the Ceeable Visual Field Analyzer (CVFA), the online software interfaces with the camera on a user’s tablet to accurately test for glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration. It means to act as a low-cost alternative to patients who cannot afford traditional styles of testing but, of course, who still want the accuracy associated with those traditional tests.

On its website, Ceeable calls its software “true telemedicine” because of its ability to be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. As long as a practitioner has a reliable connection and a mobile device with a camera, he can test for the above maladies without leaving a patient’s home. This makes it easy for doctors to visit patients in the field – either in remote areas or potentially as use for doctors that complete house calls. Patients can also interface with remote hospitals by completing their own tests and sending the medical information to their doctors. Everything can happen in a virtual environment.

The cloud-based platform also promises a high rate of disease detection that has the potential to beat traditional equipment. It can make that claim by performing tests of a patient’s scotomas or metamorphopsia in three dimensions. Alternative equipment may only grab similar images in two dimensions.

Finally, Ceeable means to save doctors and patients costs by offering these tests in a repeatable medium – the universally-accessible cloud. Doctors can rely on the cloud to be ready whenever they need it. Only their personal tablets and Internet connections need to work as intended because everything else is left in the hands of software.

This type of innovative design could take Ceeable far into the medical community. It has already taken the company far into the rounds of the tech community by placing as a finalist at ITEXPO. In that crowd, it joined the best of the startups available for showcase. It came out swinging, and ended with a strong showing. For a young company, it has a lot of momentum and could continue to impress at other tech shows throughout the coming years.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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