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November 17, 2015

GlobalMed, xG Technology Get Together on xMax Telemedicine

Telemedicine has made impressive gains in recent months, with many more firms joining the market looking to disseminate healthcare quickly and efficiently. A new partnership between GlobalMed and xG Technology is hoping to capitalize on telemedicine’s new success. The two firms combine wireless communications systems with telemedicine hardware and software to produce a more mobile healthcare alternative: the xMax Telemedicine Network Solution.

The xMax system can rapidly transmit health information and services to places that would be otherwise difficult to reach. Built as a simple turnkey solution, it offers a two-way communications system that's secure enough to be used in healthcare applications. Users will access this solution via a set of bundles that offer different applications; one bundle focuses on individual encounters, while another offers support for a complete community clinic.

The xMax system can even be used as a means to provide emergency services to places hit with natural disasters. Since the wireless links can be set up rapidly and inexpensively, the service can be brought just about anywhere. Tim Moynihan, who serves as xG Technology's vice president, noted that this was one of the biggest benefits to the xMax system, as many regions were previously unable to get in on telemedicine due to low bandwidth availability. With GlobalMed providing the hardware and software backbone, Moynihan noted, xG's broadband technology can step in and provide that extra bandwidth required to make use of telemedicine solutions.

Getting bandwidth is a huge problem, particularly in rural settings. Without bandwidth, many technologies that some take for granted — from videoconferencing to streaming video — are just plain unavailable. Telemedicine depends on bandwidth to route information, particularly text, images and video, so without that bandwidth, even the best technological solution becomes unavailable. xMax addresses those problems by providing bandwidth.

We've already seen what kind of impact telemedicine can have—when even Rite Aid incorporates telemedicine kiosks, it's quite clearly catching on—and with xMax operating in a very thinly-traded market, it may have an opportunity to establish itself as the dominant force in the field.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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