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April 08, 2015

Vocera Communications Expands Its Clinical Integrations with Electronic Health Records

Vocera Communications, a company that has already established itself as a world-leading firm when it comes to bringing intelligent, real-time communication and collaboration solutions to mobile environments, has announced a new endeavor. The company is rolling out enhanced functionality that allows for interactive communications between Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Vocera Communications.

This particular solution is apparently the first of a number of clinical integrations the company is going to be offering with EHRs. "Real-time communication and collaboration requires robust, two-way integrations between EHRs, clinical systems, and our communication platform," said Brent Lang, CEO of Vocera in a recent release. "Our unique capabilities and on-going roadmap of integrations between EHRs and Vocera solutions accelerate our customers' ability to deliver better care."

Vocera has worked with Epic to collaborate on this two-way integration for environmental services in the past and the two firms apparently have decided they want to be able to work on this EHR collaboration as well. This move comes in light of a number of different studies that show that patients are always looking for better and more accurate digital communications with their health care workers. Among the big features that will be coming with this collaboration will be the ability to get more timely updates from the bed management platform and that will improve the patient experience.

In addition, Vocera added the ability to access the Vocera Collaboration suite directly through the EHR desktop and mobile applications. This means that communication capabilities with the care team is easily maintained. This makes it that much easier because users of the suites don’t need to switch between the individual applications in order to contact other members of a patient’s care team. The other applications that will be born from this collaboration are not yet known.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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