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March 25, 2015

SearchYourCloud and BroadJump Team Up on Secure Cloud-Based Analytics for Healthcare Providers

Utilizing cloud services and applications can be a tricky business for healthcare providers. Businesses in this market have strict privacy and security compliance standards to adhere to when it comes to processing and storing data and there is no room for error.

SearchYourCloud (SYC) helps healthcare providers working in cloud environments with a patented federated search and security application. The solution is designed to help clients meet security and data protection demands by providing secure access, searching and sharing of data analytics.

The company is now working with BroadJump, LLC to provide an extra layer of protection to help healthcare providers meet those stringent mandates. BroadJump specializes in interactive web-based tools for supply chain management geared toward hospitals and health systems. The company’s offerings are designed to help clients lower their costs through analytics and by providing hundreds of thousands of comparative supply cost data points.

By integrating with the SYC solution, BroadJump can provide enhanced security and privacy measures while also giving customers the important data and analytics they need to operate efficiently and smoothly. The solutions work together by transporting data and files to and from the cloud using AES 256 encryption standards. Data may be accessed from authorized mobile and static devices using dynamically assembled keys. Once data is accessed, it is encrypted at the end device by SYC while an in-memory search index is simultaneously updated for security and speedy searching.

"Data security is of paramount importance to our clients, and we are committed to maintaining the highest possible security standards," said Dan DeTorrice, president and CIO at BroadJump. "The SYC solution adds another enhanced layer for data protection that customers expect. SYC is helping us provide the highest standard of data security for our clients, while also delivering improved search results across all of our cloud and enterprise services for better process and workflow capabilities."

"Security and data privacy concerns are a serious issue in our world today, especially in the healthcare industry," added Simon Bain, CEO of SYC. "We are excited to work with BroadJump and address these matters head on to help them reinforce their security infrastructure and enhance secure access to critical data in the cloud."

SYC’s solution is easily integrated with third-party apps, including BroadJump’s solution. Administrators control access, usage, auditing and deletion of all files in the system, and the index may reside behind end users’ firewalls for an added layer of security.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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