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August 27, 2014

Fiorano to Deliver Fast, Accurate Reporting for Gamma-Dynacare

In March of this year, Sen. Barbara Boxer released a report simply titled “Medical Errors,” which highlighted the tragic results of mistakes made in the healthcare field. According to the report, an average of 325,000 people die in American hospitals each year from medical errors, making it the third leading cause of death nationwide behind heart disease and cancer. Because the medical industry is so large, mistakes can be made throughout the system, including laboratories.

Traditional laboratory practice is divided into pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical phases to comprise the total testing process. Although the error rates in laboratory medicine has been decreasing for the past 40 years, mistakes in the order of 0.33 percent or more do take place, which is why Gamma-Dynacare has acquired the services of Fiorano Software to manage the large number of tests it conducts every year.

Gamma-Dynacare provides medical laboratory services and solutions for tens of thousands of specimens. The customers include 10 million patients, more than 15,000 healthcare professionals, governments, regional health authorities, hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinical trial sponsors, employers, insurers and other laboratories across Canada totaling more than 50 million tests annually. The company wanted a more efficient way to achieve very near 100 percent accuracy rate in matching test results with an automated process that provides quick results so patients can get the treatment they need as soon as possible.

By choosing Fiorano, a provider of enterprise integration middleware, Gamma-Dynacare was able to leverage the company’s efficient mapping tools and ESB infrastructure to lower the time it takes to deliver test result to less than two hours.

The Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) powers high performance, highly available and collaborative workflow applications for organizations whose services are spread throughout the IT environment with the fastest, lowest latency and highest throughput real-time messaging (asynchronous and synchronous) in the industry. The architecture combines the performance benefits of fully distributed peer-to-peer systems with the management benefits of centralized hub-and-spoke systems to develop and deploy services for unlocking value in an enterprise architecture framework.

The Fiorano ESB system architecture provides an enterprise class back bone, efficiency, unlimited scalability and simplified administration. The platform is delivered as a hybrid Cloud and it integrates applications across SaaS, PaaS and on-premises to yield high levels of productivity for global enterprises. The US Coast Guard, NASA, NHS UK, British Telecom, AT&T Labs and Vodafone are some of the companies that have deployed this platform.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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