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February 05, 2014

Samsung Has a Vision for the Healthcare Industry

When you think of the healthcare industry, and the medical equipment it uses, you probably think of giant pieces of technology—x-rays, surgical chairs, centrifuges, and so on. But when it comes to everyday care, a lot of patients use medical equip too, for personal use in their homes. Those who suffer from diabetes, for example, certainly are not going to drive to the hospital every time they need to check their blood sugar levels.

But acquiring medical equipment outside of a hospital setting can be challenging for the everyday consumer, who must deal with insurance and provider complications, as well as availability issues. This is why Samsung Electronics America today announced the launch of its Samsung Financial Solutions operation. This new service will facilitate the funding and acquisition of capital equipment for its Health and Medical Equipment (HME) unit within the Enterprise Business Division.

Samsung launched the HME business in 2012 as part of its 2020 global growth vision. Seeing healthcare as an important part of that vision, the company has taken consistent steps to increase its services in the industry. In 2013, Samsung launched Digital Radiography (DR) and point-of-care ultrasound systems that have paved the way for the company to become a trusted leader in the healthcare industry.

“As part of Samsung’s long-term commitment to the growth of our healthcare business, we are excited to announce the launch of Samsung Financial Solutions,” said Doug Ryan, group vice president for Health and Medical Equipment at Samsung’s Enterprise Business Division. “Samsung Financial Solutions will allow greater access for customers to acquire our health and medical equipment products, which are focused on providing fast, easy and accurate diagnosis.”

With Samsung Financial Solutions being launched in 2014, and new technologies and services having been added every year for the past two years, it’s clear that Samsung is serious about its commitment to the development of the healthcare industry, and the role that Samsung will play in it.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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