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September 18, 2013

New Partnership to Provide EMR to More Healthcare Providers in Quebec

Although the healthcare system in Canada is known for the inclusion of all its citizens, the system has not fully incorporated the best available technology to improve its efficiency. The different provinces in the country are using information communications technology, but it is not a comprehensive application.

One of the benefits of this technology is it maximizes resources by recognizing deficiencies in some areas and using surplus talent, facilities, medication, and additional resources from other parts of the city, province or even country. A new partnership between Welch Allyn, a global healthcare company with a complete range of digital and connected diagnostic solutions, and Services Conseils PCI, an organization focused on professional services and information technology, is bringing connected solution to clinician in Quebec.

The vital sign devices from Welch Allyn will be part of PCI's Vocal-MD platform, a solution designed to give physicians clinical management solutions. By integrating the devices with this platform patient data can be transferred electronically and be available with the electronic medical record (EMR) system. The transfer inputs the data automatically, increasing the level of efficiency and accuracy at healthcare facilities, thus eliminating the errors committed during manual transcriptions.

"By offering vital signs devices that have the capability of connecting multiple EMR systems, we can help reduce some of the workflow pressures and safety issues these providers are facing so they can be more productive and focus on their most important task—enhancing patient care," said John Tierney, SVP, Americas, Welch Allyn.

The PCI solution also offers its Vocal-MD customers voice recognition with voice to text, dictation/transcription with voice recording and text translations, and on-screen writing or keyboard to input data.

The Welch Allyn connected vital signs devices include: Connex Integrated Wall System; Connex Vital Signs Monitor 6000 Series; Spot Vital Signs Device; Spot Vital Signs LXi Device; Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series; and Connex ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device.

"Our technologies complement each other in ways that will directly enhance workflow for clinicians in Quebec. By sharing information and seamlessly integrating our technologies, we can achieve our shared vision to provide physicians with complete access to the right information at the right time," said Jean-Francois Tremblay, president of PCI.

Welch Allyn was founded in 1915 and is headquartered in Skaneateles Falls, N.Y., with nearly 2,500 employees in 26 different countries around the world.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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