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May 21, 2012

CardioComm Comes Out with Handheld Cardiac Monitor

CardioComm Solutions, Inc. announced today that New York-based Integron, Inc. has become its distribution, supply logistics and warranty support provider, following meetings between the two companies and completed during the recent American Telemedicine Association meeting in San Jose, CA.  Integron Inc. will now sell CardioComm’s HeartCheck™ PEN to retail clients and to consumers.

Developed in Canada, CardioComm recently received FDA clearance to sell the handheld cardiac monitor in the US. The device, used by patients themselves at home, allows them to upload their heart rhythms and other vital signs to the company’s C4 medical call service telemedicine group, where physicians can analyze the data, according to

"We have had an excellent response to our pre-launch marketing efforts for the HeartCheck™ PEN and as we advance into full production mode, we needed to secure order fulfillment, inventory controls and retail relations administration capabilities,” said Etienne Grima, CEO, CardioComm Solutions, in the press release. “By engaging a company with specific expertise in deploying telehealth, tele-monitoring, remote patient monitoring, direct to patient fulfillment and wireless device inventory and services management, CardioComm Solutions will be able to remain focused on our core device production and global electrocardiogram management software business activities.”

Cardiac monitors have revolutionized the care of heart patients; allowing them to do just about anything they want, while still being monitored by physicians. This telemetry solution has cut way down on hospital readmissions and saved healthcare systems thousands of dollars.

“Cardiac telemetry may be the next best thing to having a cardiac specialist watching over you 24 hours a day, whether from the other side of the room or the other side of town, every day. It can reduce anxiety and just might help save your life,” a website proclaims.

Though using a slightly different type of telemetry (scheduled calls from an interactive voice response system), iHealthBeat reports that “the use of a home telemonitoring system helped reduce 30-day hospital readmission rates by 44 percent among patients with congestive heart failure,” according to Geisinger Health Plan's evaluation of its patient monitoring program.  According to the press release, the agreement is renewable for three years, and will provide CardioComm Solutions the ability to distribute its bulk and single unit HeartCheck™ PENs across the country.

The device is scheduled to be available in late summer, according to the company, which also notes that its first production run of 3,500 HeartCheck™ PEN units will be completed in June, with a second 5,000 unit order soon after for pre-launch sales in the U.S.

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