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June 20, 2011

QIAGEN Makes Offer to Acquire Ipsogen S.A

According to recent reports, QIAGEN N.V. has made an offer and entered into exclusive negotiations to purchase a 47% initial stake in Ipsogen S.A. The company has also made a public offer to fully acquire Ipsogen S.A in molecular profiling and personalized healthcare diagnostics for a broad range of hematological (blood) cancers.

If the acquisition gets completed, it will provide a major boost to QIAGEN’s efforts to expand its operations. QIAGEN, which already has more than 20 molecular diagnostic assays available in select regions of the world, will be able to access another wide range of assays covering 15 biomarkers used worldwide for the diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of patients with various blood cancers. Many of these assays also are used as companion diagnostics in personalized healthcare to make and guide treatment decisions.

"The acquisition of Ipsogen would further expand our global leadership in molecular assays for profiling and personalized healthcare," said Peer Schatz, chief executive officer of QIAGEN N.V., in a press release. "Ipsogen's molecular cancer profiling and personalized healthcare assays are clearly setting standards for the diagnosis and monitoring of many types of blood cancers as well as the selection and guidance of therapies. This portfolio would further increase our leading position in profiling assays, as well as in companion diagnostics for personalized healthcare, helping to improve the treatment of many diseases and addressing unmet medical needs."

The sources say that the three managing cofounders of Ipsogen - Vincent Fert (chief executive officer), Stéphane Debono (chief operating officer) and Fabienne Hermitte (R&D and regulatory affairs senior director) - are expected to stay with QIAGEN following the acquisition.

"Ipsogen has created a portfolio of molecular assays that are advancing treatment standards for patients with blood cancers, and we are now moving forward in creating new products to support women with breast cancer," said Fert, in a statement. "As part of QIAGEN, we believe our efforts would be accelerated and benefit from an industry-leading company and could offer even greater options to patients and healthcare providers around the world."

Rahul Arora is a HealthTechZone contributor. He has worked as an editor and freelance writer for several reputed organizations in India. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

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