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March 26, 2013

Etransmedia Implements Direct Care Coordinator Solution at Medical Center

Etransmedia Technology, a healthcare information technology company, has implemented its “Direct Care Coordinator” solution at an academic medical center. 

This implementation has made possible the first live electronic transmission of secure electronic health records over the Internet, across New York’s State Health Information Network, SHIN-NY. 

The health record, which includes supporting documentation, lab results and notes, were sent using the vendor-neutral Direct standard, which is endorsed by the ONC and is necessary for Meaningful Use stage 2 certification.

Etransmedia CEO Vikram Agrawal said, “Our first objective is to improve patient care, and that means that the solution has to be designed well enough so that providers and their supporting staff can efficiently and effectively use it. We’ve advanced the design of the Direct Care Coordinator so that EHR vendors can enable a very high level of functionality while reducing their time to market and development effort.”

Agrawal pointed out that the solution offers a means for EHR vendors of all sizes to meet MU2 minimum requirements, and also offer an enhanced feature set to their customer base. Etransmedia Direct Care Coordinator enables the secure transmission of health records, and simplifies workflows that involve the key provider, as well as administrative stakeholders, with customizable queues. 

The solution also allows notifications to be directed to EHR message or task queues to help in the preparation and completion of transition-of-care documentation. The care solution delivers alerts to direct stakeholders highlighting missed deadlines, declined transmissions and other treatment gaps.

The Etransmedia Direct Care Coordinator system serves as an optimized software application that integrates with existing EHR systems, enabling care coordination and satisfying Meaningful Use stage 2 requirements. 

Direct Care Coordinator is vendor-agnostic and provides healthcare organizations and EHR vendors a solution to cover the deficiencies in their EHR communication technology infrastructure.

In related news, Costco has launched a comprehensive Electronic Heath Records (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) software and service solution to healthcare providers nationwide.

Costco has also entered into an agreement with two healthcare technology leaders, Etransmedia and Allscripts, to test-market the software solution to its healthcare provider members.

Edited by Braden Becker
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