Coordinated Care Management

January 09, 2013

Philips Lifeline to Feature Skyhook's Location Service

Geo-location technology company Skyhook has teamed up with Philips Lifeline to feature the location service in the emergency response service provider's GoSafe mobile platform.

Skyhook takes information from Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS readings to produce quick and accurate location information, something that is crucial to saving lives in medical emergencies.

“If an individual experiences a fall or other emergency, quickly getting help to the right location is of vital importance,” Michael Shean, founder and senior vice president of the business development at Skyhook, said in a statement “Skyhook is proud to partner with Lifeline, the leading medical alert service, in order to enhance the safety and care that Lifeline provides to all of its customers.”

The collaboration with Skyhook will allow Philips' associates to obtain location information necessary to provide seniors with immediate assistance wherever and whenever they need it.

“Accurate location information is of critical value to ensuring the quick dispatch, arrival and delivery of what is often life-saving assistance,” Rob Goudswaard, senior director of Global Product and Service Programs for Philips Home Monitoring, said in a statement. “After reviewing the market, we concluded that Skyhook’s location network and technology capabilities were consistent with our requirements for enabling timely and accurate response.”

Skyhook's location service is just one of many locating technologies that will be incorporated into Philips Lifeline's upcoming GoSafe system. The system is currently being featured at the International CES event in Las Vegas.

The partnership with Philips Linelife is quite a shift for Skyhook, which has been struggling to achieve success with mobile devices ever since Apple, Motorola and Samsung stopped using its location tracking technology back in 2010. The new partnership comes less than a month after Skyhook appointed Jeffrey Glass its newest CEO. Glass, a former managing director of Bain Capital Venture, replaced previous CEO and Skyhook founder Ted Morgan in December.

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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