Coordinated Care Management

October 09, 2012

IQMax Unveils IQCommunicate for Healthcare Professionals

IQMax recently launched a new portfolio of offerings, IQCommunicate which was designed for healthcare professionals. Now, communication and interaction among healthcare professionals will be instantaneously possible by leveraging IQCommunicate, ensuring improved care management. A smartphone or a tablet can be used by clinicians to administer all types of communications, namely text messages, important alerts, allocated tasks and voice, irrespective of the location.

IQCommunicate has been initially deployed by Novant Health. "As an organization driven by a patient-centered vision, we wanted a way to improve communication across facilities that would help achieve better care coordination for our patients. IQCommunicate allows for real-time collaboration on any device. Our providers can take control of both routine and urgent communications wherever they may be and whatever they may be doing, on schedule or on-call. This real-time capability means better communication among care providers, which results in safer and more efficient focus on our patients,” said Dave Garrett, CIO of Novant Health, in a statement,

With the progresses in communication technology, organizations are finding it difficult to reduce dissimilarities between protected HIPAA-compliant communications and access to clinical data. Two-way communications is ensured by IQCommunicate as providers are offered instantaneous associated and decreased call-backs, page responses and other time consuming activities.

IQCommunicate therefore guarantees efficient interactions among staff and clinicians for superior results. Users are offered a superior experience as significant clinical data is integrated by IQCommunicate. As IQCommunicate does not store patient health information or PHI on smartphones or tablets, HIPAA security hazards are avoided.

Paul Adkison, Founder, IQMax said, "IQCommunicate solves the closed-loop communication problems and can eliminate the security concern with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) because it works on any smartphone device. By providing an efficient communication solution with escalation paths for critical alerts and tasks, both in and out of the application, we can help healthcare facilities like Novant Health provide their staff with secure, real-time communications decision support so they can focus on improved patient care."

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli
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