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October 29, 2014

Pitch for a Cure Adapts AudioEye Platform, Collaborates on Mobile App

AudioEye, the company behind the Audio Internet platform that generates fully accessible audio equivalents of websites, has announced that it is developing a mobile app aimed specifically at diabetes patients and their families. Intended to help them live with the disease in a more manageable way, the app is a joint effort with the diabetes cure advocacy group and community educator Pitch for a Cure (PFAC). The organization’s website has contracted with the Audio Internet platform and will also serve as the launch site for the forthcoming app.

“Pitch for a Cure is supported by many celebrities such as Richard Gere, Henry Winkler, Hank Steinbrenner, Doc Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Roberto Alomar, Eva Longoria, Sam Fuld, Elliot Scheiner and Dillon Gee, among others,” stated Robert Dromerhauser, President of Pitch for a Cure. “These strong supporters are very excited about teaming up together and are amazed at how AudioEye's technology can be used to expand the reach of PFAC and better educate the diabetic community.”

AudioEye can accommodate a wide range of disabilities including blindness, partial vision loss, color perception deficiencies, deafness, partial loss of hearing, mobility or manual dexterity problems, cognitive conditions and other impaired senses. Once a user taps the spacebar or clicks on the proper icon, AudioEye immediately converts the page and provides tools specific to each impairment. As a result, a single platform is able to provide a wide range of accessibility enhancements without overloading the user with options.

“We know that AudioEye delivers accessibility, and with Pitch for a Cure we have identified another area where our technology can have a positive impact and a high level of adoption from service and healthcare providers,” stated Nathaniel Bradley, Chief Executive Officer of AudioEye, Inc. “Pitch for the Cure is bringing our work in behavioral healthcare together with its distribution and focus on Type 1 diabetes, and our mobile application will represent an innovation that we are very excited about in this critically important market space.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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