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October 23, 2014

Veeva Vault Partners with inventive Health Clinical

inventive Health Clinical, which is a leading global supplier of drug development services has announced that it is going to be replacing its electronic trial master file content management system with a newer and better Veeva Vault eTMF. Veeva offers a cloud based multi-tenant Vault eTMF that is safe, secure and has instant access to inspection ready documentation. The solution also offers incredibly seamless integration with inventive, trial sponsors and trial sites. This integration means that the solution will help speed time to submission and product approval around the world.

“With Vault eTMF, we believe we can provide sponsors with transparency of trial data and enable a richer, more collaborative partnership for improved trial results, including faster time to market,” said Gregg Dearhammer, chief operating officer at inVentiv Health Clinical said in a recent statement. “It’s another example of inVentiv delivering innovative global solutions intended to support the development and commercial objectives of our clients.”

Vault eTMF is already configured with programs like the Drug Information Association TMF Reference Model. This means it has a repeatable framework across the enterprise solution. The solution also has inspection readiness with workflow reports, dashboards and features such as robust audit trails and support for remote inspection capabilities.

Veeva Vault is working to help companies connect securely in the cloud. The company gives complete control from start to finish while also offering up easy accessibility. The solution also has good visibility, agility and the ability to speed time to market. The solution has tools such as real-time reporting and dashboards that are easily accessible and changeable. There are more than 100 customers that rely on Veeva Vault to manage their content. The company has been working for more than a year on building its client base and has seen that business increase threefold over the time period.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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