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August 25, 2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Smart Cup Receives More Funding

Hydration doesn’t just mean drinking eight cups of water a day—it is far more complicated than that, and yet is the basis for much of our nutritional well-being. Health technology startup Mark One has been backed by new supporters of its recent innovation, called Vessyl, to aid users in monitoring their own health.

Health technology startup Mark One has recently closed a $3 million seed-funding round, co-led by Felicis Ventures and Horizons Ventures, for its new Vessyl smart cup. The Vessyl tracks the user’s liquid consumption throughout the day, both by volume and on a molecular level, by sensing nutritional and hydration information.

The premise of Vessyl is that liquids can be difficult to track, particularly in terms of nutritional value, when dieting or simply living day-to-day. When filled, Vessyl can sense what type of liquid and how much of it the user is drinking, and displays that information via an LED strip on the front display panel. The display will also show information regarding the content of the drink itself, such as calories, sugar, fat or protein.  Mark One’s original Pryme technology tracks hydration levels in real time, as Vessyl is used throughout the day. What’s more, Vessyl can sync with popular activity tracking apps or devices to provide further information about hydration.

The cup boasts a slim, sleek design much like a high-end travel mug—the lid is spill-proof and slides open, and the unit can be purchased in either black or white. It charges wirelessly, and syncs with an iPhone app via Bluetooth. Mark One co-founders Yves Behar and Justin Lee helped to design the cup, and hired Apple’s Hamid Mohammadinia as Mark One’s vice president of engineering as well.

Vessyl saw $1 million in pre-orders since its unveiling in June. While pre-orders can be placed at $99 apiece, Vessyl’s MSRP is expected to reach $199 when it ships for retail in 2015.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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