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August 18, 2014

JA Benefits Selects Quadrant 4's Healthcare Exchange Technology

The Affordable Care Act is slated to introduce millions of individuals into the healthcare system, while at the same time changing many rules and regulations in the hopes of making the industry more efficient. All organizations that are in some way connected with the healthcare system have to abide by these new changes by implementing technologies to improve the delivery of healthcare across the board. One of the largest insurance marketing organizations in Indiana, JA Benefits, LLC, is going to be developing its group and individual health care exchanges with the help of Quadrant 4 System Corporation.

Quadrant 4 System provides Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for different industries including health insurance market with its qHIX. With 45 percent of employers predicted to use private healthcare exchange by 2018, having the right platform allows companies such as JA Benefits to use the qHIX platform to enroll more people by delivering information more quickly and easily. Employees can then determine their eligibility status and enroll in government-funded healthcare programs or view all other options available to them.

With a comprehensive offering of services including life, medical, dental, disability, and supplemental products, JA Benefits' group and individual exchanges will also provide on-site and near-site medical clinic capabilities through its partnership with Accelerate Health. It is expected to reach a customer base of more than 50,000 employees and consumers in the first three years of operation, which will bring the total contract value of close to $2.2 million.

The key features of the QHIX exchange include:

  • Full integration of all systems, processes, products and partners, and the company's open source technology that plays well with existing systems
  • BIG Data capability to understand buying conditions, selection process, care coordination, and other data analytics using dashboards, reporting and export capability
  • Choice of private labeling the Quadrant platform for customization options
  • Targeting individual consumers, employees of a company, or a hybrid of the two
  • Social engagement for registration, member collaboration, condition collaboration and other social engagement models used outside of healthcare
  • Agnostic and optimized cloud SaaS model technology for future growth requirements

"Integrating insurance, wellness, and primary care in a private exchange offering is consistent with the new paradigm of the employee benefit world, and JA Benefits is excited to launch our private exchange for group and individual health, wellness and related benefit products. Quadrant 4 has the right solution that allows us to take their technology and adopt it to our business model," stated Doug Johnson, managing partner of JA Benefits. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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