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April 03, 2013

VoIP Supply Helps Provide Telemedicine and Video Conferencing

Telemedicine has benefited greatly from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), but there’s still more it can do. As such, VoIP Supply is working with doctors across the country, helping provide and implement telemedicine solutions.

With VoIP Supply’s Telemedicine Kit for Video Conferencing, doctors can cut down on costs and communicate with patients, specialists and anyone else they need to, all through the Internet. The Telemedicine Kit is built from LifeSize Video Conferencing, and lets doctors speak with and monitor patients no matter where they may be located, thanks to video conferencing.

Patients do need to sign a consent form before being treated by telemedicine, but it has proven beneficial to those who have. The video calls must be encrypted, with a Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System in place, which makes VoIP Supply’s kit a fine choice tailored to these requirements.

“Healthcare companies are realizing that video conferencing is a cost-effective way to cut costs and increase availability of specialists across the country to help people who can’t afford to travel for specialized medical services,” explained Andria Baunee, a Video Conferencing Specialist for VoIP Supply. “Low-cost telemedicine carts are increasing productivity for doctors and reducing costs for healthcare companies providing opportunities for more billable hours, more direct services, and patients don’t have to wait six months to see a doctor.”

Video conferencing has proven very helpful for patients and doctors alike. It can be used for anything from psychiatric consulting, visual checkups, or even managing diseases like asthma or diabetes. It even helps lighten the load on doctors who have to deal with complex insurance policies, time-consuming visits, and patients who have to drive long distances and then still have to wait before seeing them.

There’s so much that can be done with telemedicine, as more and more doctors and patients are learning each day. Thanks to VoIP Supply, many more will now be able to experience telemedicine and see how it can make their lives easier.

Edited by Braden Becker

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