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March 04, 2013

MEDITECH and NetApp Join Forces to Increase Efficiency for Healthcare Providers

If you are not a healthcare professional or have never worked in the medical field, you do not know how vital health records are and the immense problems a facility could face if such documents are lost, which is why most offices have tried to convert to an electronic health record (EHR) platform.

For healthcare providers that use NetApp, the company has revealed that MEDITECH, a provider of EHR’s, has certified NetApp FAS storage for its EHR system. This will seamlessly integrate the two platforms to provide more efficient operations.

MEDITECH provides physicians with electronic access to patient’s health records that can be accessed from any mobile device, which can prove vital in situations where patients need immediate hospital care or questions answered about their health.

With its medical and practice solutions that can fully automate physician practices and clinics including registration, electronic records, open item billing and ambulatory order management, facilities are presented with software that is capable of reducing the amount of time spent on such tasks so that other areas can be addressed.

NetApp provides a number of products that are designed to optimize the storage capacity for enterprises. This is extremely important in the medical field where physician offices and hospitals constantly have patient information that needs to be stored; safely and securely.

According to the Black Book Ratings’ survey of the healthcare industry, many physicians are unhappy with their current EHR applications, complaining in regards to  the lack of updates and mobile access, highlighting the need for MEDITECH that has taken steps to further increase its capabilities. While its EHR software is used to increase patient safety, streamline office processes and improve communication among the facility, its expansion into NetApp will enhance these abilities even more.

"Healthcare providers today are looking for increased agility in terms of how they store, process, and manage the explosion of electronic patient data. They need the ability to access this data anytime and anywhere, and it must be well protected," said Dave Nesvisky, senior director of NetApp Healthcare, in a statement. "With the new MEDITECH certification on NetApp, we can now offer our customers new solutions to enhance mission-critical EHRs."

As more and more physicians and facilities begin to incorporate EHR into their systems, it these companies should continue working together in order to provide a seamless integration of products that can be used simultaneously to increase efficiency.

As the medical industry moves forward with this new technology revolution in its daily office operations, it seems that the healthcare field must be equipped with the proper solutions to continue its advancement as well. 

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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