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February 28, 2013

McKesson Announces the First Recipient of its $1 Million EHR Giveaway

McKesson announced today that the Bread of Healing Clinic of Milwaukee, Wis. will be the first recipient of its McKesson Practice Choice electronic health record (EHR) software. The giveaway is part of the McKesson Gives Back initiative. The clinic will be able to put the new HER system to use and focus on delivering higher-quality care to patients who are uninsured. The services will be provided to patients across three locations in Milwaukee.

The McKesson Give Back initiative was launched in November 2012. It is designed to recognize and reward physician practices that provide unreimbursed healthcare to America’s neediest citizens according to recent reports. It is said that selected physicians will receive a free 26-month license to the McKesson Practice Choice software.

“We are honored that McKesson chose our clinic as a recipient of the McKesson Gives Back program,” said Barbara Horner-Ibler, medical director of the Bread of Healing Clinic. “We know the benefits of having an EHR, but our non-profit clinic could not justify making that investment. Having the McKesson Practice Choice EHR will transform our clinics and how we care for our patients.”

The Bread of Healing Clinic opened in 2000 and provided care for 126 patients in its first year. A little over 12 years later, the clinic serves more than 1,400 uninsured patients who have chronic illnesses. The clinic supplies primary care as well as specialist care in areas like cardiology, podiatry, and dentistry.

Bread of Healing Clinic’s growth combined with the evolving healthcare industry has presented clinic personnel with a plethora of challenges; this makes McKesson Practice Choice a welcomed addition to the practice.

McKesson Gives Back will supply 26-month licenses of McKesson Practice Choice to a total of 100 healthcare professionals, including Bread of Healing Clinic, who provides charity care to the underserved and uninsured for free. A McKesson committee will select these providers from applicants in nine other metropolitan areas: Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, St. Louis, Miami, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Memphis, and Newark.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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