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February 23, 2013

HealthTech Zone Week in Review

It’s the end of another week, and time for another wrap-up of the week’s events in the HealthTech Zone.

The surge of technology initially impacted the entertainment industry, particularly in areas of the Internet, gaming systems, computers and electronic devices. Today, however, it seems that every industry has begun to join forces with this revolution as it leads a new generation, one where healthcare and technology work collectively to advance in the field, including how efficiently health offices are managed.

Ohio-based EMH Healthcare announced recently that it has migrated its records to Mobile Vitals Plus (MVP), a product of medical device connectivity provider Capsule Tech and enterprise healthcare information technology solution Siemens Soarian, in their medical surgery unit. Data Captor software powers the communication between medical devices.

Al-Wakra Hospital (Qatar) has selected Health Robotics’ i.v.STATION robot for its pediatric unit. The i.v.STATION is a robotic system designed for the preparation of drugs within an ISO-5 air-controlled environment. Automated functions include, automatic reconstitution of powder drugs with appropriate diluents, automatic dosing of medications from their commercial containers and identification of final containers with barcode labels.

In effort to bring senior citizens up to date with the current trends and technologies in the mobile communications market, France’s KAPSYS has released a line of smartphones with a large user interface, with a touchscreen and keypad, and additional apps designed for seniors and users with vision problems. SmartConnect was created so that seniors, users who have not quite mastered smartphone capabilities, or those who may have vision problems, could easily learn how to use and read the screen.

SoFit is a social gaming platform optimized for the health and fitness industries, which harvests the power of social media and networking to inspire people to get fit, incorporating real-world rewards and partnering with charities to boost motivation. InterAmerican Gaming Inc. (IAG), the company behind the program, announced on Wednesday that the company has partnered with Life Fitness to bring SoFit to more users.

The cloud has made quite the impact in just about every area of technology, from storage to CRM solutions and more. Even your family physician is probably leveraging the cloud as the inevitable migration to electronic health records moves into high gear. One provider of cloud-based services and solutions for doctors, CareCloud, has experienced continuous growth over the past three years, indicating that doctors really are embracing this technology.

Robert Bosch Healthcare Systems, Inc. and GreatCall, Inc. have joined forces in a strategic move to bring a suite of next-generation solutions to its clients. The healthcare company and wireless services company will partner up on a project to develop and market a new line of mobile telehealth and m-health solutions.

That’s all for this week in the HealthTech Zone. See you again next week!

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