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February 22, 2013

New Information Concerning Interoperable Response and Preparedness Platform

A company called Mutualink, Inc., which specializes in advanced interoperable communications solutions for emergency management, critical infrastructure, public safety and defense agencies, just released information accumulated with the passing of Hurricane Sandy, evaluating the capability of the Interoperable Response and Preparedness Platform, otherwise known as IRAPP, says Reuters

IRAPP was used by both government agencies and private enterprises alike though the siege of Hurricane Sandy, and functions as a secure, multimedia interoperable communications sharing platform for first responders, as well as Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources organizations (ICKR). IRAPP allows for an exceptional level of cross agency cooperation by putting both preexisting and new communications media and network infrastructure on a simplistic and cost-effective EOIP virtual network.

Installations of IRAPP endpoints began in 2007 and today the IRRAP carries over 1,000 media infrastructure connections between coasts.

New Jersey houses a huge concentration of IRAPP participants, including police and fire departments, casinos, and state and town Office of Emergency Management (OEM). Surveys conducted by Mutualink concerning the aftermath of the storm included the following findings:

  • Hospitals used the IRAPP to coordinated public safety agencies to aid in evacuations while water levels rose and threatened the facilities. Hospitals remained informed in real time regarding the happenings of other hospitals and shared the information with the New Jersey Regional Operations and Intelligence Center.
  • Video feeds from Atlantic City Casinos were used to follow water surges.
  • Power outages and limited phone access made IRAPP a strong communication force between county OEMs and hospitals.
  • East Rutherford Fire Department was able to coordinate with the Emergency Operations Center, Mobile Command Units and Public Safety Access Points without problems to assist in resource request and gathering data, leaving radio frequencies to guide emergency traffic.

Mutualink, Inc. is a privately-held company which developed an interoperable communications platform used across the world. First Responder Network Authority establishes a unitary, interoperable public safety broadband network used by first responders across the nation, of which Mutualink may push for quicker adoption by providing real-time multimedia collaboration across the public safety LTE network.

Edited by Braden Becker

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