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February 21, 2013

KAPSYS: Smartphones Designed for Senior Citizens and Vision Impaired Users

One of the biggest fears that caregivers or family members have when leaving seniors home alone is that they are missing out on a social life. But today, the definition of social has changed, and with all of the devices available on the market that allow users to stay connected with each other, like texting messaging, videoconferencing and E-mail, it seems that there is no reason that seniors should ever feel like their alone.

In effort to bring this generation up to date with the current trends and technologies on the market, KAPSYS has released a line of smartphones, with a large user interface, with a touch screen and keypad, and additional apps designed for seniors and users with vision problems.

KAPSYS, a French-based telecommunication technology company, creates communication devices for seniors and those who are vision impaired. For the past five years it has been utilizing the latest innovations in technology to create a line of smartphones that could help users with altered perception capacities. 

SmartConnect was created so that seniors, users who have not quite mastered smartphone capabilities, or those who may have vision problems, could easily learn how to use and read the screen. It offers simple, easy to read list menus, which feature large icons backed up, when needed, by a voice assistance mode with voice recognition and text-to-speech.

To soothe caregivers and loved ones, the device will also have an emergency feature with a web-based assistance mode that enables any authorized person to configure the smartphone and an emergency call button with address send function.

This is one of the first companies that have fused the technological advancements to not just create the “next big thing” on the market, but to help users who are incapable of using current technologies because of issues related to their age or health.

KAPSYS has also created the SmartVision, designed for users with sever vision problems, which provides a hybrid user interface, integrated keypad, voice interface that reacts to natural language and simple accessibility gestures to control main functions.

To take this revelation further, SmartVision will feature apps that are designed to assist users with vision problems in everyday life, like a video magnifier with sliding optics, optical character and color recognition and object identification using NFC tags.

For the future, it seems that when designed to address specific health needs such as these, technology can positively alter a user’s life in ways that seemed unfeasible in the past.

KAPSYS will debut its SmartConnect and SmartVision collection at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.

For more information about the KAPSYS smartphones, click here.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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