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February 21, 2013

NeuroCall Completes 10,000th Teleneurology Consultation Since 2007

NeuroCall, Inc. has hit a major milestone this week as it recently completed its 10,000th emergency teleneurology consultation since its formation back in 2007. The company provides remote/emergency neurological and teleneurology services for facilities requiring coverage.

NeuroCall began as a pilot program in Miami at the Kendall Regional Medical Center. It started as a simple project with a stationary camera installed in one of the exam rooms, making it possible for local neurologists to virtually exam a patient quicker and more effectively.

As technology advanced, NeuroCall was able to create a wireless cart system that gave healthcare professionals the ability to view higher quality audio and video of patients while on-the-go and attending to other patients. This allowed for consultation time to be used more effectively. Now, five years later, the program has been successfully used on thousands of patients.

“We are extremely proud of the fact that we have been able to help so many patients across the country as we assist numerous hospitals with managing their neurology patients,” said Josh Randall, vice president of Operations for NeuroCall, in a statement.

All NeuroCall physicians are board certified, licensed, and credentialed to practice in the facilities that utilize this robust technology. Neuroscience Service Line Administrator at Hillcrest, Gina Cummins, commented that this program has provided new outcomes for patients.

She went on to say, “By having NeuroCall available to providers at Hillcrest Medical Center, our team is able to access experienced Neurologist within 10 minutes of initiating a call for assistance,” said Cummins. “Through this partnership, we are able to improve medical outcomes by providing patients with highly-specialized, timely and quality neurological care.”

Dr. Garcia-Rivera, MD, chief medical officer for NeuroCall, agreed saying it’s no accident that this program just serviced its 10,000th patient. “As telemedicine, specifically for neurology, moves closer to the standard of care, we are pleased that we can offer our service to hospitals across the country immediate access to board certified neurologist around the clock. The NeuroCall model is evoloving in response to the specific needs of our client facilities and its value is evident in our recently completing our 10,000th teleconsultation,” he concluded.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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