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February 19, 2013

PatientPay and Healthpac Computer Systems Form New Partnership

PatientPay and Healthpac Computer Systems Inc. will now be working together in a new partnership designed to streamline business operations while reducing costs. The companies will combine technologies, bringing PatientPay’s online billing and balance management service in line with Healthpac’s practice management software.

“We work with a lot of small to mid-sized practices and cash flow is the lifeblood of these organizations. Our clients look to us to bring them innovative products and to help them manage their practice,” said Matt Kannan, COO, AMS Software. “If we can’t do that they’ll look elsewhere and one of the best ways that we’ve seen to help maximize the profit of their practice is to take their billing online with PatientPay.”

PatientPay created an online billing service that gets embedded into practice management software helping the practice and billing companies get rid of IT support and other outside consultants. Companies that take advantage of PatientPay’s services can sign up for the service online and within 30 minutes they can be up and running.

“PatientPay extends the efficiency of Healthpac’s practice management software by bringing the speed, ease, and accuracy of automation to patient balance management that for too long, has been bogged down by antiquated methods; specifically paper billing, slow collections and manual reconciliation,” said Buddy Claborn, Healthpac’s founder and CEO.

“There is no question the integration of PatientPat into Healthpac software will enhance the productivity of our 10,000 plus users who support medical practices across the United States.”

Tom Furr, PatientsPay’s founder and CEO, agreed with Claborn saying this partnership is mutually beneficial. “PatientPay is pleased to have Healthpac join its growing list of practice management software vendors who have come to see how our solution can yield meaningful benefits to our partners’ physicians groups and their patients,” said Furr.

Together, the two companies will make billing, collection, and reconciliation faster and cheaper by getting rid of paper-based billing. By cutting the time to pay in half, companies are able to increase cash flow, reduce accounts receivables, and increase productivity.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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