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February 12, 2013

Greater Baltimore Medical Center Adds Amcom Software's Smartphone Texting Solution

The Greater Baltimore Medical Center has revealed that it will add Amcom Software's HIPAA-compliant smartphone texting solution to its healthcare communications system, which is already provided by Amcom.

The texting solution, known as Amcom Mobile Connect, will offer a secure method for physicians to receive messages on hospital-issued or personal smartphone devices by incorporating a separate message inbox and remote-wipe capabilities in case the device becomes lost or stolen.

The solution will also reduce operating costs and help Greater Baltimore Medical Center get one step closer to replacing its answering services from a third-party provider to their own internal operators.

“We saw an opportunity to save money on operating expenses and use talented existing staff to provide an internal, fully functioning 24-hour answering service,” Josh Van Rueden, desktop manager at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, said in a statement. "Amcom is helping this process by facilitating that communication and allowing physicians to securely receive and respond to messages on their mobile devices.”

Additionally, the texting solution will be fully integrated with the medical center's existing Amcom online staff directory and on-call schedules.

“On-call schedules are continually changing,” Ruden said in the statement. “With Amcom, practice managers can update these schedules online, and changes are automatically available to our staff answering calls for the practices.”

Greater Baltimore Medical Center is just one of more than 250 hospitals and healthcare organizations that have implemented Amcom Mobile Connect.

“Over the past year we have experienced tremendous growth in the adoption of Amcom Mobile Connect,” Colin Balmforth, president of Amcom Software, said in a statement. “Hundreds of hospitals are now using Amcom to manage critical communications, enabling caregivers to quickly contact one another while preserving the security of patient information. I am very pleased that our solutions are helping so many caregivers simplify their daily communications.”

Sidra Medical and Reseach Center in Qatar recently choose Amcom Software's emergency notification and call center solutions to deal with critical communications in its main facility and disaster recovery area.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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