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February 01, 2013

GE Healthcare Demonstrates Hospitality Technology

Hospital workers know that time and efficiency are vital in hospitals. Fortunately, GE Healthcare has proven its dedication to providing innovative technologies that help patients and clinicians, from the ICU to Cardiac Care Unit.

There are a range of tools and equipment that GE Healthcare is demonstrating at Arab Health 2013. For example, its Carestation 30 anesthesia delivery system is designed to meet the needs in emerging markets, providing new innovations in anesthesia delivery with integrated SpO2 measurement. There’s also the Avance CS anesthesia delivery system, which helps clinicians maintain the oxygen concentration they need.

There’s also the diagnostic cardiology equipment from GE Healthcare, which is designed to help with cardiac care and cardiovascular disease. This includes the MAC 5500HD, which has advanced disease management capabilities, and provides portable ECG technology to clinicians through the MAC 800.

"Our mission is to provide the best care possible to our patients today, and to lead the way in research and development to help ensure a healthier future for everyone,” says Majed Fayyadh, M.D. “The MAC 800 promises to play an important role in achieving these goals. It's a perfect fit, allowing us to reach more people, more cost-effectively than ever before."

For all the conveniences of modern technology, what matters most is human life. In that regard, GE Healthcare has been making great strides to improve medical technology, helping doctors and hospitals act faster to save even more lives. It has a diverse portfolio of services, solutions, and products to demonstrate, all of which can help keep someone alive.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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