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January 21, 2013

MCI Medical Clinics to Implement Nightingale's EMR and Business Management Solutions to 20 Clinics

The management side of the medical profession is extremely complicated. The billing of private insurance, cash customers and governmental agencies requires different sets of documentations to ensure the bills are collected. As a health organization grows, managing all the different divisions under one system requires electronic medical record (EMR) software to keep track of operations.

MCI Medical Clinics of Altima Healthcare is one of Canada’s largest healthcare providers. Its growth and many branches across different provinces demand the company adopt a management system that will document all patient interaction with their health facilities across Canada. Today, Nightingale, an application provider of EMRs signed a three-year contract with MCI for 20 of its Ontario-based family practice and walk-in clinics.

The solution Nightingale provides will give 300 physicians the tools they need to effectively document all of a patient’s medical data as well as financial status. This information can be accessed anytime from anywhere, so medial and financial decisions can be made to better serve the patient.

"We wanted a technology platform that would allow us to create a clinical atmosphere where our physicians, healthcare providers and staff can focus entirely on our patients and where our patients can go to any one of our facilities and have their up-to-date medical record instantly available to our staff. We can achieve our objective of providing convenient high quality care with the Nightingale platform," said Dr. George Christodoulou, president and chairman of Altima HealthCare. 

The EMR Nightingale provides is a cloud-based platform part of its one-patient – one-record architecture. The cloud platform gives authorized personnel the ability to access the information they need, anytime. Disorganization and lack of access to information in a timely manner can result in unintended consequences during medical emergencies. Beside organizing patient information, this EMR gives the hospital the ability to manage billing on all platforms, including provincial covered services that apply to the laws in Canada for all of their clinics.

When the contract is signed, Nightingale will be responsible for taking the data from MCI Clinics and migrating it to the existing system. It will do this through its Data Migration Center of Excellence (DMCE). This process ensures the data from the legacy system of MCI is extracted in the right format so it can be populated in to the Nightingale EMR. If this process is not done the right way, large amounts of valuable data can get permanently lost or damaged. 

"We have successfully managed hundreds of successful data migrations and the people in our Data Migration Center of Excellence truly understand the complexities of patient record systems, data and workflows," said Sam Chebib, president & CEO of Nightingale.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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