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January 21, 2013

Precision Dynamics Corporation-St. John and Premier Collaborate to Provide Better, More Cost-Effective Medical Care

Precision Dynamics Corporation-St. John, a company with over 55 years in healthcare, legal, and entertainment technologies, has recently been awarded a contract with Premier, a medical technology alliance that encompasses more than 2,700 hospitals and over 90,000 healthcare providers throughout the United States. The contract will last for three years and offers multi-source group purchasing of Precision Dynamics Corporation-St. John's wristbands, labels, and related patient identification solutions. Precision Dynamics-St. John's innovations include the first barcode wristband identification system, the Smart Band® RFID system, and wristband solutions for newborns.

In addition to the provided medical technologies, Premier will also offer Precision Dynamics-St. John a sole source agreement for its ASCEND (Accelerated Supply Chain Endeavor) solution. By simplifying purchasing processes and contractual concerns, ASCEND helps assist hospitals in Premier's network to reduce costs, negotiate benefits, and control processes. By collaborating, the two companies offer even more cost reductions for hospitals and patients, making medical care less error-prone and more cost-effective.

Contracts offered in this recent deal give Premier network members the use of Precision Dynamics-St. John's cutting-edge medical technologies such as wristband identification solutions, labeling solutions for systems and charts, skin markets, and filing products. These technologies will help hospitals within Premier's network improve hospital safety and patient experience by reducing errors in medical procedures and diagnosis and by helping hospitals to comply with safety goals as outlined in regulations released by The Joint Commission, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the American Hospital Association (AHA).

Tracey Carpentier, president of Precision Dynamics-St. John, is pleased with the contract. In a recent article, she says, “Precision Dynamics-St. John is pleased and honored to continue our 8-year collaboration with Premier to provide its members with their choice of positive identification solutions that help deliver safe and efficient patient care.”

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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