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January 14, 2013

E-Prescriptions Filling Out Nicely

Everything is online these days, including healthcare and medicine, and while WebMD might not be able to write up a prescription, there are many e-prescribing systems being used by physicians to help prescribe medicine to patients electronically for ease and convenience. The use of e-prescribing has grown in recent years, and while it is once projected to experience continued growth, predictions signal that there may be trouble ahead.

According to Black Book Market Research, e-prescribing systems were used by 65 percent of physicians in 2012, or nearly ten times as many as in 2007. This year, Black Book predicts that more will begin using it, if just to earn incentive money and achieve meaningful use.

However, there are still difficulties ahead for implementing e-prescription systems. Naturally, funding is an issue, as there is an investment required to adopt and begin using e-RX systems. Independent pharmacies also face connectivity problems, giving chain pharmacies an advantage.

Another challenge posing e-prescriptions comes from state regulations. They can pose challenges in who can be prescribed what from whom and under what circumstances; depending on where an individual lives and receives healthcare, there can be policy and regulatory conflicts that must be taken into account and dealt with.

As such, while e-prescriptions are growing nicely, there are many obstacles it will have to face soon. Such is the case with many technologies, but those impacting health and wellness are of particular importance, and needless to say, must be dealt with quickly.

At the end of the day, the faster they’re handled, the faster everyone will be able to pick up their prescriptions with ease and convenience, which, as anyone who’s been on medications can tell you, is quite important.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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