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January 09, 2013

Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel Integrates Nurse Communications with EXTENSION

Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel has completed the first phase of its program to improve its communication infrastructure thanks to EXTENSION.

“Our hospital was very intentionally designed from the ground up to provide a healing environment that supports the care our patients receive,” Brian Adams, president and CEO at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel, said in a statement. “EXTENSION has provided us with a middleware solution that enables nurses to communicate with multiple patients without relying on noisy overhead paging systems.”

The system ties the Rauland-Borg Responder 5 nurse call system with 50 Cisco wireless headsets. Staff members can alert staff immediately using a Web interface, sending Code Blue and Rapid Response Alerts. EXTENSION provided the middleware for this to happen.

“Medical technologies are intended to make the lives of nurses easier, but can be burdensome if the needs of users are not considered in the workflow design,” added Tom Berger, CNO at EXTENSION. “EXTENSION adds value by equipping nurses with a communications tool that enables quick access to patients and staff without crippling their need to think critically and respond intuitively.”

Luckily, the nurses are quickly becoming accustomed to the new system.

“Our nurses are quickly adapting to many new technologies since opening the new facility,” Mary Brady, CNO at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel commented. “EXTENSION complemented our existing workflows rather than introducing significant changes. Nurses appreciate the ease with which they are now able to immediately communicate with other staff.”

The next phase will be to integrate the hospitals RFID infant security system, a patient education system’ clinician proximity awareness, a system to prevent falls by patients; STAT orders, lab results and secure text messages for hospital employees.

“When a nurse walks into a patient room, their picture and name appear on the television screen,” Brady concluded. “We would like to expand our location services to automatically place a nurse’s handset offline when tending to a patient, or performing a critical task requiring a high degree of attention. We intend to fully leverage the capabilities of our new state-of-the-art technologies.”

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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