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January 07, 2013

Language Line Services Buyout Means More Interpreters in the Market

Earlier today, Language Line Services put out an announcement that could define the way hospitals will do business. The reveal featured the conclusion that the company had just acquired one of its biggest competitors, Pacific Interpreters, in a recent deal. The combination of the two firms means something huge – especially for healthcare, where Language Line Services will now have an even larger impact than it already does.

The acquisition of Pacific Interpreters propels Language Line Services to the top spot in the interpretation services industry, which by itself represents $20 billion annually. This not only represents a major step forward for Language Line Services – which will now have a presence in nearly every hospital market in the United States – but cements its presence in related areas as well.

Language Line Services not only now has a presence in many hospitals, but also handles 80 percent of the United States' 911 calls that require interpreters, thanks to a line of specialized equipment enabling them to carry out those translation functions, as well as a line of mobile applications designed to quickly and easily connect users live interpreters.

These translation services have significant impacts for non-English speakers going through the healthcare system; those with access to interpreters get better treatment and are less likely to die during same. Additionally, it's also been seen to lower costs at those facilities treating them, and the deal is set to add fully 2,000 interpreters to Language Line Services' roster of translators, bringing the total up to 6,000.

The company also offers support for other businesses such as banks and retail outlets, in which non-English speakers are much more likely to make purchases should they be dealt with in their native language.

President and CEO of Language Line Services, Scott W. Klein, remarked on the importance of having interpreters in place at hospitals, saying, "Our growing team of professionals has dedicated itself to supporting our clients in their efforts to save time, money and relationships. For our healthcare clients we help save lives. As the population of limited English speakers continues to grow rapidly, we are here to make sure they have access to all of the goods and services available in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom."

Offering individuals in English-speaking countries who speak little English access to the possibilities of such countries – including access to their healthcare system – is a smart move. Saving lives, no matter what language they speak, is a top priority for the healthcare system as a whole. The improvements set to be made by Language Line Services serve as a perfect illustration of just how important saving lives really is.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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