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December 31, 2012

FDA Gives Clearance for Medical Modeling's Virtual Surgical Planning System

One thing's for sure: the use of technology in the medical field represents a lot of terrific possibilities in terms of not only providing better healthcare, but providing it more efficiently, and with savings in the long term.

A new system looks to step up the efficiency and the quality still further, the Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) system from Medical Modeling, which just announced that the FDA has provided its 510(k) clearance on their new product line.

The VSP system allows for a variety of different uses to be brought into play, including two different systems coming online immediately.

The first of these systems is VSP Orthognathics, a system that allows both VSP systems and even CAD / CAM surgical splints to be applied in the area commonly associated with orthognathic surgery, or conditions in the jaw and face, which are in turn generally used to address medical concerns like sleep apnea, TMJ disorders, or even cleft palate.

The second such system is VSP Reconstruction, more specifically designed to address the maxilla and the mandible portions of the human skull and allowing for vascularized grafts to be brought in from elsewhere on the body.

Those interested in VSP systems for their own operations should find it much easier to do so now, as they're fully available throughout the U.S. They can also be found in Canada, where Health Canada also recently provided licensing approval.

Andy Christensen, president of Medical Modeling, offered his own remarks on the approval of VSP systems; "The entire team at Medical Modeling could not be more pleased with the FDA's clearance of our VSP System product line. It's exciting to see personalized technology such as this that benefits the surgeon and the patient really catching hold."

Technology like this has a lot of potential for impact, especially as it applies to jaw surgeries and surgery in the immediate area of the jaw. While that may not seem like much on the surface, there are plenty of surgeries going on in that area for a lot of people, and for those people, reducing the impact of said surgery on their lives is an important step to a more rapid recovery, and in turn, a more rapid turnover of patients and an overall more efficient healthcare system.

That's good for everybody, not just orthognathic patients, and makes the Medical Modeling VSP systems well worth watching.

Edited by Braden Becker

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