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December 04, 2012

Fitness Helper Cardio Tracker Released for iOS

With the number of mobile fitness apps growing, it appears that the market has been saturated with applications that don’t actually help you lose weight or add any muscle. Just like the number of different diets that are flying around these days, there are also some applications that truly help you get in better shape and shed those unwanted pounds. One of the top applications for this kind has just hit the iOS app store. Fitness Helper is the newest fitness and workout tracker to hit iOS.

There are other apps that will track how much you can run, or how long you ride your bike, such as Endomondo, and those are great applications. Fitness helper is hoping to make its mark in the mobile fitness sector by giving users a different feel and approach to tracking your cardio workouts, while also keeping track of some important body measurements and how many calories you are consuming. 

Fitness Helper guides users through an eight or 10 week running or biking program that the developers hope will help people reach a better fitness level no matter what level they began their workouts. By using a BMI calculator, as well as the ability to track weight and calories eaten, the user can always have an easy way to see their progress at the touch of the screen. 

"With Fitness Helper we wanted to give people all the tools they need to track their weight and cardio workouts," Matt Durrant, Express Media's (Fitness Helper’s Developer) CEO said in a recent statement.

"The swiss-army-knife app approach pays off since we took great care in every facet of the app, nothing was an afterthought. We didn't agree that you should have to download multiple apps to get the same benefit that you get from Fitness Helper, and we'll continue to expand on those ideals in future updates."

The application is available in a worldwide release and costs $0.99.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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