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December 03, 2012

Eliza Corporation Announces Partnership with Voxiva for Driving Better Health Outcomes

Eliza Corporation, the pioneer and recognized provider in health engagement management, and Voxiva, a recognized service provider in mobile health services, today announced a partnership to offer Voxiva's Care4Life service as part of Eliza's bundled multimodal offering.

For driving better health outcomes, Eliza also announced a mobile and social health engagement partner program with the aim to measure, analyze and leverage the most useful mobile and social technologies.

"To help people navigate their own paths toward optimal health we need to be leveraging each and every tool out there that works, collaborating in ways that deliver actual outcomes based on real data, and lots of it," said Alexandra Drane, founder and chief visionary officer at Eliza. 

She added that people are hungry to interact in ways that resonate, that feel relevant, that inspire, that offer value and that leave them happier, healthier and more productive. The bar for consumers who are increasingly being offered choices about where and how they access and experience care will be a high one, and working with Voxiva to deliver communication strategies that exceed that bar will be an honor.

Paul Meyer, chairman and president, Voxiva, Inc. stated that in order to help people live healthier lives, Voxiva and Eliza are each at the forefront of leveraging new technologies to deliver proven health content.

It can deliver better results for its customers, by bringing its capabilities together, and help tackle some of America's most pressing health challenges, starting with diabetes. Giving ongoing support to people with type II diabetes, via text messages, mobile Web, mobile app and interactive automated phone calls, the Care4Life service is an interactive mobile program service.

Leveraging guidelines from the American Diabetes Association, National Diabetes Education Program and the American Association of Diabetes Educators, Care4Life reinforces diabetes education and provides actionable feedback to help people better manage their diabetes and take control of their health.  The announcement was made at the fourth annual mHealth Summit in booth #628.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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