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November 16, 2012

Erie County Medicare Center Implements Merge Healthcare's iConnect Enterprise Archive and iConnect Access

In bid to improve service delivery and give top class healthcare services, Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) has chosen to implement Merge Healthcare Incorporated solutions into its operations. Merge Healthcare announced that ECMC has chosen to combine Merge Healthcare’s iConnect Enterprise Archive and iConnect Access to give real-time access to images and information.

The adopted iConnect Enterprise Clinical Platform is the only complete solution in the market that collects, archives, views and exchanges image data all under one roof. With the solution, medical practitioners can consult and share images from anywhere at any time.

Integrated into the iConnect Enterprise Clinical Platform is iConnect Access, iConnect Share (an image sharing gateway) and the iConnect Enterprise Archive (a vendor independent archive for creating enterprise imaging strategies). The suite in totality works with preinstalled applications, the Web and healthcare technology standards to avail vendor neutral interoperable environment to users.

Leslie Feidt, CIO at ECMC, explains that the company’s strategy cements the longtime relationship with Merge, whilst extending image sharing and interoperability throughout the whole system.

He said, “We believe this approach will deliver real return as we eliminate departmental silos, improve workflow for our physicians and, ultimately, enhance patient care with anywhere, anytime access to images."

Merge’s solution allows doctors and medical care experts to bridge the barrier of physical locations, making technical consultations whenever need arises. The fact that the solution can transmit different image formats makes the task easier since surgeons can consult non-present experts about complications in course of a surgery.

By implementing Merge’s solutions, ECMC adds to its portfolio by increasing the number of high-end customers subscribing to its solutions.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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