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November 07, 2012

BioClinica Signs Agreements with TauRx for a Series of Expanded Trials

Earlier this week, a global provider of clinical trial management solutions, BioClinica, Inc., announced that in order to use Trident IWR/IVR and Imaging Core Lab (ICL) solutions to support its upcoming Phase III clinical trials, TauRx Therapeutics has signed agreements with BioClinica.

For the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, a Singapore-based company, TauRx, focuses its research on therapies and diagnostics. With primary research facilities in Aberdeen in the United Kingdom, TauRx is the latest European customer to select BioClinica for both Imaging and eClinical offerings. For its pipeline of neurology treatment candidates, TauRx has selected Trident IWR/IVR for a series of expanded trials.

"TauRx chose Trident IWR to reduce the lead time and effort needed to prepare for our studies, while supporting all of our randomization and clinical supplies tracking requirements," said Dr. Jiri Hardlund, Chief Medical Officer for TauRx.

He added that when they investigated the available technologies, it was clear that Trident offered clear advantages for its trials' requirements. For processing MRI data, while a separate selection team evaluated imaging solutions, BioClinica was selected for its Imaging Core Lab solutions.

Dr. Diane Downie, Global Logistics and Support Lead at TauRx mentioned that MRI imaging represents a critical eligibility and safety component of its clinical studies. The MRI imaging partner needed to understand the unique requirements of its pioneering scientific research. BioClinica's MRI imaging solution best matched all of its requirements.

To efficiently acquire, process, and read medical images, BioClinica's Imaging Core Lab uses innovative technology. With more than 22 years of world-wide experience, the team brings the scientific knowledge to make that technology work for sponsors of any size.

BioClinica provides the imaging expertise necessary to ensure the highest quality clinical trial outcomes due to its highly-regarded medical affairs team and deep roster of collaborative consultants. Peter Benton, BioClinica's eClinical Solutions president, concluded that for clinical trial applications, BioClinica is clearly a technology leader.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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