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October 17, 2012

Control Applications on Your Mobile Device with Your Mind

Let’s take a step back and look at the advancements in technology over the past few years. With interactive voice recognition (IVR), smartphones, tablets, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and medical technology, we’ve come pretty far. As always, however, there is plenty of room for improvements. What if I told you it was possible to control applications on your mobile device with your mind?

Welcome to the future! Freer Logic makes this seemingly farfetched idea possible. Its latest innovation, BodyWave technology, reads and reacts to brainwaves through the extremities of the body, collecting interactive feedback for training purposes.

Freer Logic provides discreet, noninvasive, brainwave monitoring devices worn on the body (thus BodyWave). The devices allow the wearer to control applications on their iPhone, Android or PC by mind alone. Freer Logic also provides training applications that allow users to learn to reduce stress/anxiety, achieve peak performance, increase attention and more.

BodyWave technology allows users to control applications on their phone with their mind. In the form of a small interactive armband, BodyWave reads brain activity and will tell you exactly when you’ve reached a peak performance state or if you’re being inattentive or distracted and help bring you back into focus.


“It’s EEG (brain wave) technology that’s been around for 50 years,” explained Peter Freer, president of Freer Logic, in a TMC interview. “However, this is the first time we’ve been able to monitor it through the body. We received a patent for this. BodyWave obviates the need to wear an odd looking, invasive headset that has been the barrier to consumer use of the technology. BodyWave monitors the brain’s attention, relaxation, peak performance, sleepiness, etc. Reaching these states allows the user to control a graphic on their device to enforce that state.”

Play Attention is an ADHD attention deficit training neurofeedback tool that utilizes BodyWave. The following video provides a thorough overview of Play Attention including an informal home video by Freer.

“One’s brain is the most valuable asset we possess,” said Freer. “BodyWave gives us the ability to improve our brains’ function, achieve states that allow us to perform better whether it’s golf, day trading or going to a job interview. It’s also great fun to control a device by mind alone!”

The nuclear power industry uses it to decrease operator error, NASCAR used it to train their pit crews to place lug nuts on tires more quickly and NASA is using it to monitor supersonic flight simulation.

“The future of this technology is to gain control of up, down, left, right, back and forward directions on the devices,” said Freer. “Imagine just turning your device on or off by mind alone. That’s coming!”

Edited by Rich Steeves

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