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October 12, 2012

In Conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, PhoneRiver Powers Preventative Care Messages Free of Charge

Founded back in 2005 as Rhythm and Grooves and touted as a company that specializes in custom message on hold services almost exclusively, it wasn’t until 2009 when the firm merged with PhoneRiver that the Florida-based company was able to significantly expand its portfolio to include a suite of messaging products that includes both inbound and outbound messaging that help to deliver proactive notifications.

I recently had the chance to speak with Brian Maguire, president and CEO of PhoneRIver, in regard to how its solutions are helping to reduce patient and practice frustration while simultaneously keeping people informed in a much more efficient manner.

Practices can use the organization’s service to call and deliver a personalized message or SMS text message to their patients that can be fully customized to provide vital information on a variety of subjects including blood shortages, inclement weather cancellations and even in such cases where outbreaks are spreading at a rapid pace like we recently saw with meningitis.

Fully committed to assisting healthcare providers improve the health and wellbeing of the public by efficient delivering health tips and proactive wellness and preventive messages through communication technologies that are free of charge, to reduce the rates of breast cancer specifically PhoneRiver is continuing to drive home the vitality of monthly self breast-exams as well as scheduling clinical examinations and mammograms.  

If a patient has a question or comment, they can simply dial 0 anytime during the message and will immediately be transferred directly to the practice to have their questions answered or to schedule an appointment.

Some of the benefits of interacting much more efficiently with patients are “in inclement weather for example, like when there is snow or a hurricane, it can make getting on the roads very dangerous so we notify large groups of people before they head out to go to an appointment or a visit somewhere,” stated Maguire.

He added, “Doctors can utilize our technology to reach large groups of people without delay and recipients not only receive these messages but are able to interact and communicate with the doctor conveniently.”

In essence what it boils down to is reducing staff burden by eliminating mundane tasks. A medical practice used to have to employ lots of people whose sole job was to dial numbers and then talk to answer machines and voice mails to convey messages. But with PhoneRIver, “our technology allows these people to automate some of these tasks which are normally labor intensive so the staff can focus on more productive things and provide the patients with immediate care.”

With the ability to contact each and every person in their preferred method, whether it is through a voice call or a text, manual tasks can now be replaced with innovative technology which helps to keep both our minds and bodies healthier, something anyone can appreciate.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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