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July 20, 2012

Survey Results Show Perioperative Information Systems a Must in the OR

A new nationwide survey revealed that surgeons view specialized perioperative information systems as a necessity for the operating room, according to the Surgical Information Systems (SIS). The SIS said its survey results showed that surgeons felt these IT solutions are “essential tools to drive OR efficiency, enhance physician satisfaction and improve access to patient information.”

Many different industries have begun relying on various content management systems to help make operations run more smoothly. Businesses have realized the importance of being able to analyze data, have access to scheduling, and have the ability to manage time more effectively.

The SIS survey asked surgeons if they too feel the benefits from their own IT solutions. According to Kenneth H. Cohn, MD, MBA, FACS, and CEO of Healthcare Collaboration, and the survey results, they do. Cohn said these systems make a more proficiently run hospital. 

“As case volumes rise and pressures to provide more coordinated, cost-effective care increase, information technology can facilitate the heightened data-driven communication we need to improve healthcare collaboration and clinical and financial outcomes,” said Cohn.

Surveyors seem to agree, with a majority of the surgeons saying that the information technology solutions are a strategic driver of success in the operating room. The survey results show that 89 percent said an IT solution places an important role in their daily job – while 66 percent of the respondents said that scheduling the OR is different than other scheduling situations and requires a more seamless process that an IT solution can provide.

The survey goes on to show that these IT solutions also helped doctors solve key issues. According to the results; “61 percent believe these systems improve compliance with regulatory and quality compliance mandates; 51 percent expect improved access to prior records as a result of such software implementation; and 50 percent believe that using perioperative software creates complete, accurate records. “

“Technology is impacting surgeons in three major ways: improved surgical tools and techniques, better patient experience, more efficient perioperative processes,” said SIS Chief Executive Officer Ed Daihl. “In an environment of fundamental industry change, information technology can drive alignment and mutual success. Healthcare leaders who understand the needs of surgeon stakeholders and deliver the capabilities most important to them will recognize the efficiency gains necessary to master the challenges of a rapidly changing OR environment.”

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli